The Brand

Visuel cote page marqueA scarfs collection for you, world explorers, so that you could serenely enter on life’s paths.

Each piece is created like an amulet, with his singular message.

Âmulet offers to escort you in this quest by building bridges between elements, drawn, colors, symbols and textures that reverberate naturally in us.

A MULTIPLE INFLUENCES BRAND as the world you cross, by freeing you from distances and dimensional between the visible and the invisible.

Every collection includes a multitude of artistic inspirations, visual, musical or symbolic atmospheres, which weave a link between the former and the new world.

Âmulet aims to be passionate, sensitive and personal, with a bohemian spirit.

A COMMITTED BRAND to preserve the essential of this world, you and the future generations, we maintain a nature’s connection respected and protected.

With the choice of a 100% natural textile, associated with a printing technique favoring environment-friendly ink, the mark wishes to establish a participative link and support for the sustainable development.

A FRENCH BRAND in a respect for the traditional knowledge, the collection is completely made in France, with originals and registered designs produced in limited editions.

Âmulet, the presage of an ancestral future.