The Brand

August 2015
– Creation of the Âmulet brand, scarf Made in France in La Rochelle.
/ Art Director : Joanna Braun


Squares drawn in Paris, then to La Rochelle where they will later take shape.
Originals designs are registered, then produce in limited editions on textiles of 100% silk composition or of a mix natural fibers + silk.

In a respect for the know-how, the collection is completely made in France
in the Rhône Alpes region.


To preserve this world, you and the future generations, we maintain a nature’s connection respected and protected.

With the choice of a 100% natural textile, associated with a printing technique favoring environment-friendly ink, the mark wishes to establish a participative link and support for the sustainable development.

January 2016, the first squares are available for sale on the web site


A scarfs collection for you, world explorers, so that you could serenely enter on life’s paths.

Each square is created like an amulet, with his singular message.

la-marque-amulet-amuletfoulard-carre-hozanji-soie-silkscarf-silkprint-made-in-france-fabrication-francaise-voyage-travel-flag-drapeau-environnement-septembre-2021A HUMAN BRAND

Each collection includes a multitude of « artistic breaths ».

The environment with its visual, musical atmospheres…the nature, the human being with his daily activities, his needs, his traditions, are sources of inspiration.

To live, to create beautiful memories, to create new instants by associating the silk square that will go with your clothes, your desires.

La marque Âmulet

The Âmulet brand passionate, personal, bohemian, like each of you .

Âmulet, propose to you a lovely accessory.
The silk square intertwines the finesse of the weaving and the print graphics.
It will be both sweet comforting or sensual captivating the attention.

During the day, your silk square Âmulet can dress your neck, your hair, your waist or your handle..

Personalize your bags, a section of wall or play with the wind in a meadow, on a beach, from your window…

Take it on a trip, the silk square will protect you from climatic variations depending of the altitude, the countries crossed, the sunny hours of midday, or the coolness of the evening.

Adaptable, the silk square can get in your bag. If the weather comes to change, it will absorb  the rain droplets, or will isolate you from a sudden wind.

The Âmulet silk square with a design, to weave links, conversations here or in foreign help when beautify your days.

« Shipper traveling ? Want to offer a square ? We can add a note at your recipient attention. »


March 2016

Bloggers @LouSéni >> @LucilleBeuzelin and @Artlex select each a MESSENGER square, one the Blue Couture, the other the Black Hawk to realise a photo shoot + article on their blogs.

+ infos in NEWS →


Two « carRés » are created in the Island of Ré spirit, for the Trémière concept store in Ars-en-Ré.
Publications in magazines : Le Point – Maisons CÔTE OUEST n° 131 – MONSIEUR – MEN & The newspaper PHARE DE RE

See the article in NEWS →

Mai 2017

Publication article Âmulet in section Trend & Well-being.
ICIMAGAZINE Pays Rochelais – magazine n°115

September 2017

Âmulet is invited on the radio show RCF La Rochelle 95.5 FM : TOUS ACTEUR POUR L’ENVIRONNEMENT / ALL ACTOR FOR THE ENVIRONMENT –presented by Dominique MOREL – 15.09.2017  – 11h30.

November 2017

A selection of Âmulet squares are on the Stand of FRENCHOUI, French designers site, at the  MIF >> Made in France Paris Fair.

A Fashion Show on the initiative of HUGO Coiffure hairdressing salon and Charente-Maritime – Deux-Sèvres regions designers*  is organised in a small committee, Âmulet is one of them.
* Among them, a wedding dress designer Jennifer Vernageau, Jérémy Fillonneau a lingerie for men designer: Sans-Gêne (2016-2020) , dressmakers model makers : Marie Ancelin, LH Création, LEE Couture Création, for women, for men, an upcycling dressmaker model maker Catherine Tastet.


Isaüra @thatsintrinsic >> @isauratsama, personal stylist in Paris, offers a look with the silk scarf Atlas Oasis.

> A kimonos collection project « Feel Like Home » Âmulet + Sans-Gêne Lingerie made in France. The collection is not made, but may see the light of day in the years to come…

The silk squares make stopovers in certain shops in la Rochelle..

They are available in BORDEAUX via the shop AXSUM.


A selection of Âmulet squares is available on the SKYdeals* application of the airline company AIR FRANCE.
* The sale of products in « Inflight Shoppertainment » is triggered depending on the area of the country overflown and valid only for the time of overflight.

THE MADAME selects the Âmulet ATLAS Désert silk scarf photo for his article online on En mode France the reference site of French designers.

2020 – The activity is put on « stand-by » – need of ressources.


Âmulet squares Made in France change of region, to settle in the Basque Country.

The CLUARAN square, drawn in 2017, is on-line in pre-order on the site.


15 November 2021 to 4 January 2022

Participation at the EVENT Special Christmas >> LOOK FIND LOVE par @lookfindlove_boutiquefmrparis


January 2022

The silk square Âmulet are available for professional buyers / Retailers
through the website ANKORSTORE.

February 2022

For Retailers/Shops already registered on the website FAIRE , Âmulet silk square Made in France collections in limited editions are available there since 5th February of 2022.