Stole Akna Winter


70% Wool 30% Silk

Dimensions : 30 x 135 cm
Finish : Handkerchief hem
Color : WINTER

logo Made in France

Delivery in France
2 to 5 working days
Delivery in Europe
4 to 8 working days
International delivery
6 to 10 working days

Available on backorder


With the choice of a 100% natural textile, associated with a printing technique favoring environment-friendly ink, the mark wishes to establish a participative link and support for the sustainable development.

In a respect for the traditional knowledge, the collection is completely made in France. Originals designs are registered and produced in limited editions.

To preserve your stole

At the rest, make sure your stole is loosened.
Adjustment with gentle ironing on the reverse.

Dry cleaning recommended by a professional.
/ or
Machine cleaning at 30°C in the « Wool » program with similar colors.
Drying in the open air.


Stole Akna Winter amulet symbolismÂmulet / Etole Akna

Blossoms of hope which grow
Birth’s of the life

Inspired by Art Nouveau, its pattern whose curves resemble that of plants, reminds us to enjoy the presence of nature. Sharing and abundance are in order when the sun gradually disappears. The Akna scarf tells warmth of memories and the nascent hopes of future projects. She is dotted with hollyhocks, like future seeds to hatch. These seeds guarantee a fruitful harvest no matter the land that carries them.The hollyhock is known to make its way up and rise in all its splendor even in a hostile environment.

With the Akna Winter stole, multiply the chance of creating fertile moments of shared happiness.

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